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Paris Marketing Board

I met a man Paris when I was of my head on weed.
He said don’t smoke that Mon Frere a croissants what you need.

Flaky buttery goodness in every single bite. Mon Cherie the pastry crescent is an absolute delight.

It will sustain your hunger but it won’t get you high and you’ll be yellow from the butter by the time you die.

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There was once as tadpole that turned into a frog
There was once a thug that raised Satan the dog
There was once a meeting where both parties met.
There was once blood all over a pet.
There was once a saying that life’s not fair.
There was once a reader that said.
“This poems so dull why the fuck should I care”

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There once was a pre-op tranny named Brain. Who had the chest hair of a lion.
When they shaved off his main, it drove him insane and he painted his member in cyan.

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