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Leyton Asda or insert your town and supermarket

Leyton Asda where no ones dreams are made,
Leyton Asda its no comedy cavalcade

Leyton Asda where all your dreams are broken, Leyton Asda no kind words ever spoken.

Leyton Asda the ethically caught fish is blow up.
Leyton Asda the deformed prawns have shown up

Leyton Asda heart attacks in every meal.
Leyton Asda, the foods to cheap to steal.

Leyton Asda it’s a disguised heart attack,
Leyton Asda the tills are selling crack

Leyton Asda More E’s than 80s raves.
Leyton Asda all the staff are slaves.

Leyton Asda a money makers dream.
Leyton Asda the profit ratios obscene.

Leyton Asda the home of cheap booze babies
Leyton Asda the burgers all have rabies

Leyton Asda asbestos disguised as sweets
Leyton Asda, chew on napalm treats.

Leyton Asda let’s blow it all to pieces,
Leyton Asda it’s a massive pile of giant faeces.

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The Grave Yard

I don’t wish to scare you and I wish you’d stick around. I mean it’s not my fault you freak out when I rise up from the ground.

In actuality this is a reality and your not high from sniffing glue. Of course I am a corpse and there’s nothing I can do.

I see you loiter round this grave yard every single night, can we just hang out would that even be alright.

You say you have a hangover but my heads really hanging, don’t listen to happy hardcore as my nuts always banging.

Hmm the only way we can get close is really morose, going to slash that pretty face until I induce a comatose.

I’m not a Spice girl but two became one so lets go back under ground , where we both now belong.

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Memoirs of a dog.

Spent my life chasing bones like a puppet for the man, curled up on the rug watching  possible war happen in Iran.

I run in the morning but it’s where the master takes me, I just want to chill, he just wants to break me.

I can’t eat what i want only eat what I’m given, placid and docile I used to be so driven.

I have primal rage and need to bark fight and holler, want to f@c! the bitches but I’m led upon a collar.

God this isn’t life its a modern form of slavery, but when I protect the house I’m awarded for my bravery.

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Pete the Chicken

I had a visitation from a murdered chicken. His name was pete and he was once finger lickin,

Serving one purpose the day that he died. Butchered, breadcrumbed then Kentucky fried.

His message was clear “your a f@&king barbarian, now wash those hands and become vegetarian”

Pete I would do, but you must think i’m mental, you just don’t get the same taste deep frying lentil.

Thats a load of baloney and a lot of kaffafel. You don’t like lentil? May I suggest falafel.

With that suggestion we became best of friends, now I feed that ghost chick peas for my own evil ends.

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British summer time

Young Glaswegian women drink flavoured cider by the river.

The Jelly coconut seller sends monied girls Into a quiver

The tide comes up my feet are in the water,

A yacht cruises by there’s wankers aboard, I stick my middle finger up but I think I’m ignored

The sun brings out the lads and they think its magaloof, a lady tells them
To dispose of their litter but they remain aloof

Middle class Families eat African Strawberries from afar. They traveled from Surrey in a 4x4 car.

The willow tree and bridge laugh as they’ve seen it before. This Is Richmond and the Thames is a whore.

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I like to be drunk at 10 am just to see what it’s like, spitting in the wind just like the village bike.

Vilified or pitied there’s nothing in between.
Fag stained yellowed fingers,
Living no ones dream.

No one cares about you, they’ve seen it all before, legless, half dead, stinking and puking up a wall.

Begging for change when a change it will not come, existing and not living,tagged as utter scum.

No matter how bad it gets, will it be worse than this? So let’s raise a can of Tenent’s to the vagrants Stained with piss.

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Hero (For Adam)

Your not the patch of yellow piss that stains the virgin snow.
You are the rain in the summer that makes the flowers grow.

Your not the bowel noise escaping in a fourth floor corporate lift.
You are the joyous child as they tear paper from a gift.

You are not the ships mast that breaks upon the sea.
You are the alleviation of a problem solved by a lovely cup of tea.

Your not the light fingers of a thief thumbing inside a purse.
You are the kind heart shared between the patient and the nurse.

Your not a blockage in a pipe caused by oil, hair and excrement.
You are the joy a believer reaps from reading the New Testament

Your not a con man or a stinker or a Faker or a zero.
Your second lieutenant Adam Ambient and a Mutha f@cking Hero.

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